HOAM Sketches

These are sketches and ideas for a HOAM, a Habitat where Open Awareness is Manifest.

1. Ubiquitous recording, naked living

The couple knows that someone like the man on the left can have full awareness of their activity. But it would be difficult for the man to misuse this ability since he knows the woman on the right can have full awareness of how he uses that ability.

2. The place has no hooks for blocking awareness

Organized around open awareness, as opposed to cultural practices for enforcing not-knowing, a mind is consistent with being aware of childhood traumas, the presence of death, etc. The man on the right flees because his mind is incompatible with knowing even simple information such as the sensualities of his naked body.

3. Life is organized around expecting all things available

Dealing with something like a car accident is organized differently since it was recorded from many angles and all people have access to the recording. An approaching person knows that someone can access images and information from his whole life up to that moment. There is an easy "href" reference to all knowledge, and all transactions expect this.

4. That which happens when there is no distance

When information and production is fully efficient, you don't spend any time on "to do" tasks. You are thrust immediately into the most fundamental questions (represented by the infinity sign) of what matters, not how to get there. Below, a man thinks he has created a new work of art, but the woman browsing the vast information store quickly finds where it has already been done. Thus one of the fundamental questions is how not to rely on illusions of "my unique individual creativity".

5. The conviction that openness is useless is something asserted on top of openness

A person may claim "What good is complete open awareness? There would be nothing left to do!" This person returns to a life based on blocking out various awarenesses in order to maintain the appearance of mastery over existence, all the while relying on the benefits of many stages of opening awareness. If "X" is the benefits of open awareness, the person stands on X and uses X to claim that there is no X.

6. It's easy to see when behavior is based on blocking awareness

In order to experience the wedding ceremony in the way that he wants to, the man must block out awareness that he made the same promises to a different woman a few years ago, and the woman must block out awareness that soon the man will realize that she is not the only woman in the world. On the right, in order to experience the delicious bacon, the person must block simple awareness of the violence which brought it to the table. This is shown in the diagram: For the man to pursue the object of his desire, he must be unaware of the pile of objects in the past which he desired with equal intensity to no satisfaction, and of the cravings waiting in the future. This blocking of awareness creates a comfortable bubble where he is master of the world filled with the object of desire. But his need to block awareness prevents him from asking "why" recursively enough to get to the first of things.

7. Where the work to make the source of all things open has already been done long ago

A woman has complete access to whatever she she needs to know to deal with a broken device. The conclusion of this opening process may be where knowledge of mind, logic and physics is directly related to the first of things.

8. Go to a place which is not built for confused minds and you won't find confused minds

Don't ask "Why are there confused minds here?" Ask, "How is this place organized around having a confused mind?" If a place is instead organized around expecting minds to embrace open awareness, minds that need to block awareness will move to environments which are organized for that. It would be good if both types of environment exist so that minds can find their comfort zones. But in a world of accelerating information technology, how stable are environments built around needing to prevent information? People may need more and more powerful technology to prevent their awareness from functioning.

9. Glass house, no doors, water park

Only a practical door to keep out the cold.

10. How can a mind intuit that true freedom is valuable without knowing its value is in that it can't be lost?

Freedom is the exercise of something possibile which was always there. But if in glimpsing the value of freedom, someone plays mind tricks (made possible behind the scenes by that very same freedom) to try to grab freedom with a chain and impose on it the characteristics they want it to have, then they lose sight of where its value comes from.

11. Due to the unconditional openness, it's not a place of healing since people in need of healing won't be comfortable

There are many places organized where people help each other avoid awareness of what they are not ready to face. Hopefully these environments will always be available for therapeutic reasons. But these cultural mechanisms for making the blocking of awareness routine are not found in a habitat where open awareness is manifest in how life is organized.

12. There is the dynamic of the actual mind to be openly aware of

Even looking at a tree uses an amazing constellation of mind processes. (How can someone ever, ever be "bored"?)

13. Awakening deepens through re-engineering life around explicit economic dependency

Open awareness includes awareness of dependency on the wider economic system and the workers who function in it. But as production becomes super efficient (like a desktop box that makes an apple) workers are out of a job. Will that efficiency give the workers the same easy access? Even if their material needs are met, will most people need "entertainment technology" to escape from a world of open awareness?

14. Life is organized as if openly encountered by a stranger

Making knowledge open in the common domain so that your future self will have access to it much later also means others have access too.

15. A Habitat where Open Awareness is Manifest


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